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The More people I talk to the more I realize that issues of Ageing and Sageing are top of mind, almost regardless of age. It seems so often that we have taken the second part of life to be a path that grows darker as we approach it. That all that is worthwhile is young, full of potential and eternal. What I hope to spark is a different conversation, a different way of looking at our life span. Through workshops and the book that I am writing I want to take us from the fear of ageing to the harvesting of our wisdom. To Sageing. We are living ,on average, longer than any society in human history. How can we cultivate the field of our time here. I have been giving talks and scheduling workshops in the greater Toronto area and I’m acutely aware of the need for us to start this conversation. To take us from thinking of Seniors, queuing up for discounts at the drugstore, to Elders who can mentor, create legacy projects and engage us all in a deeper appreciation of life. If you know of any group that might have me come out to speak, please let me know through thisĀ  website, www.kavanah.ca or my Kavanah Facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/KavanahWisdomSchool/