About Ralph

Ralph was ordained as a Spiritual Director through the Aleph Ordination Program, at the Aleph Institute both in Boulder, CO and Philadelphia, PA.  Ralph has provided individual and group spiritual direction, counseling, guidance, and companionship. He has performed Chaplaincy service for the elderly and facilitated workshops on spiritual direction more generally, Ageing and Sageing, and more specific groups for me.  He has also trained in Creative Problem Solving through Buffalo State University and has led CPS workshops for both smaller and larger organizations.

Ralph Benmergui is perhaps best known however as an award winning broadcast journalist. He has been heard on radio and television for over 30 years.  He is thrilled to have produced and hosted several television series — included one called “5 Seekers” on Vision TV that led 5 participants on a North American, spiritual quest for meaning.  He is currently writing a book on spirituality and ageing.

Ralph is married and is the father of four boys.  He is always looking to renew and ignite a soul-centered learning for fellow travelers on this brief, miraculous journey that is our gift: our lives.