For Ageing and Saging Workshops

Ralph was a great leader and co-ordinator of the workshop.  He tactfully drew out all participants’ experiences. He allowed them to express their thoughts and feelings without forcing his own bias.  – VS

– There existed full participation by all parties with mutual respect… This was due, in large part, by Ralph’s coordination and leadership.   – MB

– Should anyone have the opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Ralph, I highly recommend  and endorse it.   – LB

– Ralph was an excellent leader and facilitator… He has an open, friendly style, and draws on a depth of knowledge and experience.    – ASC

–  He was the secret sauce that made it all work.  I am certainly looking forward to working with him again.  – JN

For Individual Spiritual Direction

– I’ve found our meetings to be very helpful. I experienced you as a very caring and compassionate person who created a welcoming space for me.   – RL

– You are a good listener and you asked specific and practical questions that helped me to go deeper.   – TF

–  Each time we’ve met I’ve gone away with at least one image or question that led to fruitful reflection  –  BC