Ageing and Sageing talk at Temple Sinai Toronto

I spent the morning (Sept. 10) with a lovely group of about 40 people at Temple Sinai in Toronto. My talk was on Ageing and Sageing. I shared some of the wisdom of Stephen Jenkinson, author of Die Wise, Ram Dass the American guru who has written so beautifully about how we might see our autumn years as an opportunity to turn away from ego and towards a deeper spiritual and wisdom infused life and of course from Rabbi Zalman Shacter-Shalomi z”l. I offered some spiritual exercises from his Ageing and Sageing writings.

We have within us great wisdom. I believe we must cultivate and honour that wisdom in ourselves before others can benefit from it. If you are interested in having me come and speak to your group I would be glad to discuss.My new project,  Kavanah is evolving in to a spiritual fitness program. If you’re holy muscles are feeling a bit flabby I have a few tips on how to get your soul in shape.

Be well.